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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nifty Firefox bookmark trick

Firefox should be the browser of choice for Burger King (R): Have it Your Way (TM).

Hardly a day goes by without discovering some nifty new extension. Did you know you can keep your tabs on the Alt menu? Do a whois on the website's host IP anytime? Bake some self-destructing cookies?

Today I found something so obvious, I'm surprised I didn't do it earlier. Try dragging a bookmarks file onto the bookmarks toolbar:

Another one of my favorite things is Stylish. If you have a powerful, newer computer that can handle some razzle-dazzle, then feel free to install Stylish from the add-ons menu, Ctrl+Shift+A.

Don't forget to tip the developers
Wait. Facebook is hosted in Ireland?

On the bottom of my browser, you might notice that minimized, transparent app bar. That one is called Barlesque. Credit where credit is due, I found that one in a comment on this great article by Lifehacker.

The theme I'm using is LavaFox blue. I love dark themes for staying up way too late learning how to do fun stuff like this. This theme is resource intensive, but it has animated scrollbars and transparent tabs with a sweet blue backglow.

Other addons to consider include:

  1.  Add to search bar, which adds whatever search engine you want by a right-click in the search box.
  2.  Context Highlight, a magical internet highlighter.
  3.  Customizeable Shortcuts, for speedy keyboard goodness.
  4. Restartless Restart, it simply adds a restart command.
  5. HTTPS everywhere, including here (in case I offend someone bad enough to want to hack my blog).
  6. Quick Context Search, very underrated, search selected text with any engine you have.
  7. QuickMark. I spent months looking for this bugger, a keyboard hotkey to manage bookmarks. Much better.
  8. Self-Destructing Cookies and Tab Grenade, both of which win the award for funniest mental picture.
  9. The Addon Bar restored, because I'm not sure how you use Barlesque without an addon bar, but have at it if that's your thing.
  10. Theme Font and Size changer, does what it says.
  11. Web of Trust. NoScript, Ghostery (the Traitorous), and plain old common sense can keep you safe from dubious websites, but WOT is useful for those evil duplicate sites, like the FAFSA one, for example.

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